• Womb



    Dir/scr: Benedek Fliegauf. Germany-Hungary-France. 2010. 107 mins

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    Eva Green, Matt Smith to star in Benedek Fliegauf's Womb


    Eva Green and Matt Smith, the UK's new Doctor Who, are to star in Hungarian director Benedek Fliegauf's first English language feature film Womb which will begin shooting on location at Germany's North Sea coast at the beginning of March.The production by Waltz With Bashir producers Razor Film and Budapest-based ...

  • From conception to Womb

    From conception to Womb


    Could his contemporary fairy tale about cloning, starring Eva Green and Matt Smith, push Hungarian director Benedek Fliegauf into the mainstream? Martin Blaney visits the German set of Womb.

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    Somewhere on the North Sea coast, in a near future. Thomas’ sudden and tragic death pushes Rebeccato embark on a dangerous plan.

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    Cannes Atelier to welcome Lou Ye, Benedek Fliegauf


    The fourth Cannes Atelier of the Cinefondation will welcome 15 projects from 14 countries. The selections include the new films from Milky Way director Benedek Fliegauf and Summer Palace director Lou Ye.Now in its fifth edition, L'Atelier seeks to help directors with financing and project completion.The directors and producers will ...

  • German Films Previews stir interest in new Tykwer, Fliegauf films

    German Films Previews stir interest in new Tykwer, Fliegauf films


    A promoreel of Tom Tykwer’s urban love story Three (Drei), Benedek Fliegauf’s Womb and Wolfgang Panzer’s drama The Day Of The Cat (Der grosse Kater) were among the must-see screenings at this year’s edition of the German Films Previews in Hamburg at the weekend.

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    Hungary's Inforg to co-produce The Photograph, Womb


    Hungarian production house Inforg Studio is to co-produce Polish filmmaker Maciej Adamek's feature debut The Photograph and Benedek Fliegauf's next project Womb, which will be his first feature to be shot in the English language.Inforg's Andras Muhi confirmed to ScreenDaily.com at this week's goEast Film Festival that he will be ...

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    Projects by Fliegauf, Alvart, Sax receive backing from German funds


    New productions by Benedek Fliegauf, Christian Alvart, and Geoffrey Sax are among 35 projects receiving over $12m in support from the German Federal Film Board (FFA) and Leipzig-based Mitteldeutsche Medienfoerderung (MDM).At its latest sitting the Berlin-based FFA supported such projects as Hungarian director Fliegauf's first English language production, Womb, produced ...

  • German Federal Film Fund gives $2m to new projects

    German Federal Film Fund gives $2m to new projects


    New films by Leander Haussmann, Benedek Fliegauf and Isabelle Stever will receive $2m (Euro 1.5m) from incentive scheme German Federal Film Fund (DFFF).

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    Hungary - Only human


    Benedek Fliegauf's Milky Way ( Tejut ) presents viewers with a puzzle. In each of the film's 10 segments, the stationary camera observes unnamed individuals interacting - mating, playing, helping one another - without additional context. As such, the scenes could pass for raw footage for an alien documentary ...