Writer's think-tank Abbott Vision, headed by Paul Abbott, aims to buy out producer Hilary Bevan Jones from her share of their independent production company Tightrope Pictures and rename it Abbott Productions.

Abbott, creator of Shameless, aims to expand Abbott Vision through production of new drama and other content, for which Tightrope Pictures will become the production arm.

The potential buy out reflects Bevan Jones' (Deputy Chair of Bafta) move from TV production into feature film production. She is currently working on Richard Curtis's new film The Boat that Rocked for Working Title Films.

Tightrope Pictures' credits include Emmy award-winning The Girl in the Cafe (an HBO co-production) produced for the BBC.

Abbott and Bevan Jones hope to work together as a writer/producer team at some point in the future. 'We're already getting giddy about a feature film idea that Hilary would produce from her new features-focused position.'