David Lynch will serve as AFI FEST’s first guest artistic director when the festival runs in Hollywood from November 4-11 .

Lynch, whose film credits include Mullholland Dr, Wild At Heart and Blue Velvet, has also created artwork that will serve as the official image of the 24th annual festival.

He will programme a sidebar of films that influence and inspire him and present these films at the festival. The selections will be announced in October.

“I said yes to being the guest artistic director of AFI FEST 2010 because I love the AFI,” Lynch said. “AFI can do for others what it did for me.  AFI gave me an opportunity and money to make a short film, The Grandmother, and my first feature film, Eraserhead. AFI put me on the map.”

Lynch was one of the first Fellows of AFI’s Center For Advanced Film Studies, now known as the AFI Conservatory.

“David Lynch is AFI,” AFI president and CEO Bob Gazzale said. “He’s an artist who embodies the institute’s national mandate to both educate the next generation and to honor the masters. As a master himself, his leadership will catalyse a global conversation to bring attention to him and others who deserve a proper bow.”