Korea’s Pancinema has pre-sold Hur Jin-ho’s upcoming romance Season Of Good Rain (working title) to Japan’s Amuse Soft Entertainment.

Pancinema said that Amuse Soft was interested in the fact that Hur, who has a strong track record with hits such as April Snow and One Fine Spring Day, was shooting another romance this time featuring pan-Asian star Jung Woo-sung whose A Moment To Remember was also a hit in Japan.

Amuse Soft is forming a consortium with distributor Showgate and major pay-TV broadcaster Wowow to launch the film in Japan, starting with a press conference with Jung tomorrow (July 22) in Tokyo, and a live promotion event featuring him on Oct 10, “Wowow Day”. The film will be released in November in Japan, at a similar time as in Korea.

The film stars Jung as an architect on a visit to China where he accidentally meets an old friend from his student days in the US. Meeting in a different place at a different time, they discover they had always been in love.

Shot as a feature-length film, the co-production between Korea’s Pancinema Corp and China’s Zonbo Media was originally planned as a segment in the pan-Asian Chengdu, I Love You omnibus. Hur Jin-ho is currently in post-production on the film, and is planning to edit it down for the Chengdu omnibus.

Amuse previously distributed other Korean films such as Shiri, Joint Security Area (JSA), My Sassy Girl and Silmido in Japan.