Andy Thompson, the UK independent producer/director/writer, is in Cannes to introduce sales companies to TheScar Crow, his feature film made with director Pete Benson.

The British horror-drama-comedy had its UK premiere last month at the London Independent Film Festival, where it picked up the best horror/sci-fi feature award. It has been selected for a US premiere screening at the Dances With Films Festival next month.

The film features Anna Tolputt (Hellraiser: Hellworld), Marysia Kay (Forestof the Damned, Colours of the Dark), Anya Lahiri (Goal 3, I Can’t Think Straight) and TV actor Iain Rogerson.

It is set in two different time periods, the present day and against the backdrop of the witch hunts in 1709 England. The story is focused on witchcraft and gothic gore.