Norwegian films have lost 59.3% of their audience in the first half of 2012 in their home territory.

After the 2011 record when Norway delivered the largest growth of the theatrical market in Europe, with a domestic share of 24.5% (2.9 million tickets), it is back to the daily grind: during the first half of 2012, local films have lost 59.3% of their audience.

According to Norwegian cinema association, Film & Kino, 14 Norwegian productions (2011: 20) were released between Jan 1-June 30, and while last year’s No 1, Anne Sewitsky’s Totally True Love (Jørgen + Anne = Sant), reached 170,994 admissions, the best performer this year, Company Orheim, registered 76,057.

“We had more or less expected the result, but I am sure we will make up for it in the months to come,” said head of production Ivar Køhn, of the Norwegian Film Institute. “Producers and distributors prefer to launch their top titles in the autumn, so the repertoire has been smaller – and we have also missed the popular children’s films.”

“Only one feature with production funding from the institute has come out so far. The upcoming season has more to offer – among others Espen Sandberg and Joachim Rønning’s Kon-Tiki, Roar Uthaug’s Escape (Flukt) and Nils Gaup’s The Journey to the Christmas Star (Reisen til julestjernen) will contribute to changing the picture.”

The top five Norwegian films at the box office in 2012 are Company Orheim (76,057 admissions), Varg Veum: Cold Hearts (66,438), Varg Veum: The Dead Have It Easy (60,089), Intro the White 42,947 and Fuck Up (42,947).