Fran and Ana decide to move in together, but there flat is old and run down, there are boxes everywhere, the heating doesn’t work, their neighbour is a nightmare, and to top it all off the flat is inhabited by a ghost.

Prod Companies: Arcadia Motion Pictures (Sp), La Zona (Sp)

Backers: Arcadia Motion Pictures, La Zona

Producers: Ignacio Salazar-Simpson, Gonzalo Salazar-Simpson

Int’l sales: TBC

Director: Roberto Santiago

Screenplay: Roberto Santiago, Pablo Fernandez, based on a stage play by Javier Daulte

DoP: Joan Benet

Production design: Oriol Marcos

Art Director: Federico G Cambero

Cast: Gorka Otxoa, Miren Ibarguren, Carmen Elias, Luis Callejo

Locations: Ciudad De La Luz Studios, Alicante

Shooting dates: Five weeks from August, 2009

Contact: Maria Contreras, La Zona, (34) 91 369 76 43