UK production company Arturi Films is in advanced production on especially timely Zimbabwe documentary Mugabe And The White African.

Channel 4’s More 4 True Stories strand has bought the UK broadcast rights via commissioning editor Sandra Whipham.

The film follows a white farmer, Mike Campbell, who is taking Robert Mugabe to court for the loss of his human rights and racial discrimination. Mugabe has tried to confiscate Campbell’s farm. The court case is ongoing.

Preview tapes and a trailer are being unveiled by Arturi in Cannes (producers David Pearson and Elizabeth Morgan Hemlock are attending).

The crew was smuggled into Zimbabwe before the recent election.

Lucy Bailey’s 90-minute theatrical documentary also shot in South Africa, the UK and Namibia.

Bailey said: ‘At that time we were the only documentary team with large format camera to have entered the country. After we left the CIO (secret police), came looking for us, they searched the farm. Government informants are everywhere. The crew filmed the Campbell family and filmed the night raids they face, and visits from the ‘new owner’ who encourages threatening gangs of men to camp on their lawn and light bonfires to scare them away. But they are strong people’.

Producer David Pearson added: ‘The film should answer the fundamental question is it possible to be African and white’ It is a gripping story that uncovers what Mugabe’s land redistribution programme is all about.’