Filmfest Hamburg will honour Canadian writer-director Atom Egoyan this weekend with the Douglas Sirk Award.

Egoyan will be recognised for his outstanding services to film culture, with WimWenders speaking in praise of the director.The award will be presented following the German premiere of Egoyan's latest feature Adoration.

Commenting on the choice of Egoyan for the Sirk Award, festival director Albert Wiederspiel said that the festival is 'honouring an unconventional director whose artistic approach influences filmmaking. Egoyan remains unperturbed in going his own way and never allows himself to be led astray from his cinematic vision.'

Previous winners of the Douglas Sirk Award have included Jodie Foster, Wong Kar-wai, Isabelle Huppert, François Ozon and, last year, Canada's David Cronenberg.