BAFTA / LA has re-elected Nigel Lythgoe as chairman and announced its board of directors for the new year which includes an expanded executive committee now with a fifth member. 

Neil Stiles was elected deputy chair, Rebecca Segal as secretary, Paul Steinke as treasurer and Brian Walton was elected as the fifth officer of the board.

Board members elected for a two-year term include Nigel Daly, Gary Dartnall, Bryony Foster, Paul Heller, James Knight, David L Simon, Maxine Leonard, Steinke and Rosalie Swedlin. 

Board members beginning their second year of two-year terms are Clare Baren, Melanie Greene, Katherine Haber, Lythgoe, Segal, John Alan Simon, Neil Stiles, Julia Verdin and Walton.

David Garfield Roland has been co-opted as a non-voting member of the board. Donald Haber returns as executive director and COO