South Korean production house Barunson has announced it is launching a consortium of Korea's hottest producers and line producers to work on productions from overseas.

Lewis Kim, head of international at Barunson, has drawn together a stellar group which includes Lee Sung-hoon (Taegukgi, Shiri), Han Jae-duk (Old Boy), Park Bong-soo (The Host, R-Point), Jang Won-seok (King and the Clown), Lim Hee-chul (Volcano High, Antarctic Journal), Sohn Sae-hoon (Typhoon), and Ahn Young-jin (The Doll Master).

'It's not just about Korean locations,' says Kim. 'These are top-knotch producers that can handle everything from pre-production, research, local star casting, locations - of course, CGI and post. With all these bankable producers under one umbrella network, we can provide the best-suited people to each film.'

'In 5 years' time, these will be the leaders of the Korean film industry,' said Jae-won Choi, CEO of Barunson. 'Right now, the local producers will have the benefit of adding to their international filmographies as well as working with foreign staff and systems. We hope the availability of this service with give rise to more projects that come to Korea.'

Barunson will be working in conjunction with local film commissions like the Seoul Film Commission which has recently announced foreign productions incentives, and the Busan Film Commission, which works with the majority of local films.

A company with conglomerate backing, Barunson is currently producing A Bittersweet Life director Kim Ji-woon's The Good, The Bad, and The Weird, with Bong Joon-ho is also set to make his next film there.

The Host director - reputedly being wooed by CAA at the moment - has recently named Lewis Kim as his official overseas mediator.