Bavaria Film International has picked up worldwide distribution rights to new films by Esther Gronenborn and Leander Haussmann.

Gronenborn's Kaifeck Murder, which is headlined by Benno Fuermann and Cannes competition jury member Alexandra Maria Lara, is a fictional story based on a real murder case from the small Bavaria village of Kaifeck in the early 1920s.

Six people living on a farm were killed with a pickaxe, but the crime has remained one of Germany's great unsolved cases. The film takes the true story, which has already become the subject of several novels and factual books, as the basis for a modern-day mystery thriller mixed with elements from German legends and ghost stories.

Kinowelt will release the co-production by Munich-based 24 Frames Film with SevenPictures, Neue Kinowelt Filmproduktion and Cinemendo in January 2009.

Meanwhile, Bavaria Film International will handle international distribution outside of Germany, Switzerland and Austria for film and theatre director Haussmann's warm-hearted witty comedy Robert Zimmermann Tangled Up In Love.

Tom Schilling plays the hip young computer game developer Robert Zimmermann who suddenly experiences love in all its diversity when he falls in love with a much older woman (Maruschka Detmers).

The production by Berlin-based Boje Buck will be released in Germany at the end of August by Delphi Filmverleih.