The BBFC (British Board Of Film Classification) has reclassified The King’s Speech after an appeal by its UK distributor Momentum.

The BBFC applied its formal reconsideration process to the cinema release and reclassified it as ‘12A’ from the original ‘15’ rating, with the consumer advice: “Contains strong language in a speech therapy context.”

The BBFC’s language guidelines for ‘12A’ state: ‘The use of strong language (for example f***) must be infrequent’. In the The King’sSpeech there are two instances where the character of King George VI uses strong language several times at the instigation of his therapist during his speech therapy sessions.

After consultation the BBFC board decided that the way the strong language is presented in The King’s Speech did not contravene the language guidelines.

The film has a gala screening at the BFI London Film Festival tonight.