Early in the market, it is clear that buyers' appetite for 3D fare shows no sign of waning. Ben Stassen, director/producer of Fly Me To The Moon, has announced further sales on the animated 3D adventure, which is being released in the US later this year by Summit.

Stassen has confirmed that Momentum will be releasing the film in the UK after a mini-bidding war among British buyers and that Les Films Seville has picked up Canadian rights. Other deals include Brazil (Playarte), Israel (Forum), Poland (ITI Cinema), Brazil (Playarte) and ex Yugoslavia (Koloseij). These follow on from already announced deals including MK2 for France and R Films for Turkey.

nwave Pictures, Stassen's company, is already at work on a follow-up, Around The World. Another 3D adventure, this features an all-star voice cast including Melanie Griffith and Tim Curry.

Other 3D projects stirring up distributor interest in the market include Demian Lichenstein's Relentless 3D, a major US production starring Karl Urban (which shoots in Puerto Rica in the autumn.) This is on the Velvet Octopus slate.

Here in the market, it was announced that Dimension is producing Piranha 3-D, a remake of the Joe Dante hit of the late 1970s. Following the successful releases of Beowulf and Hannah Montana, there are huge expectations about James Cameron's forthcoming 3D sci-fi film, Avatar.