Chefs cooking themed meals include Daniel Achilles, Tim Raue and the Roca brothers.

The Culinary Cinema programme of the 64th Berlinale (Feb 6-16) will open will Gina Kim’s Final Recipe.

The motto of this year’s programme is “We like it hot… but don’t let it burn”.

There are 15 films in the selection, including the world premieres of Diego Luna’s Cesar Chavez (jointly with Berlinale Special programme), Spanish film The Dream by Franc Aleu about the Roca brothers (followed by a meal cooked by them), Sanjay Rawal’s US documentary Food Chains [pictured], and Italian documentaries The Knights of the Lagoon by Walter Bencini and Natural Resistance by Jonathan Nossiter, also shown in Panorama.

“The use of fire and our ability to cook distinguishes us from all other living beings. Yet fire also poses a threat to future generations, for global warming has reached dangerous levels. Let’s do something about it, and leave no stone unturned,” said festival director Dieter Kosslick.

After the screenings in Martin Gropius Bau, chefs including Daniel Achilles, Matthias Diether, Michael Kempf, Tim Raue and the Roca brothers will host meals inspired by the films in the Gropius Mirror restaurant.

Berlinale Culinary Cinema 2014

3 Acres in Detroit by Nora Mandray (France/US)

A Tale of Samurai Cooking – A True Love Story (Bushi No Kondate) by Yuzo Asahara (Japan)

Cesar Chavez by Diego Luna (US) [also in Berlinale Special] [WP]

El Juego En La Mesa by Pep Gatell & Eloi Colom (Spain)

The Dream (El Somni) by Franc Aleu (Spain) [WP]

Final Recipe by Gina Kim (Korea/Thailand/Singapore)

Food Chains by Sanjay Rawal (US) [WP]

The Knights of the Lagoon (I Cavalieri della Laguna) by Walter Bencini (Italy) [WP]

I Maccheroni by Raffaele Andreassi (Italy)

The Sower (Le Semeur) by Julie Perron (Canada)

Mission Blue by Fisher Stevens, Robert Nixon (US)

Natural Resistance by Jonathan Nissiter (Italy) [also in Panorama Dokumente] [WP]

TABA – The Table Game (TABA - El Juego En La Mesa) by Pep Gatell & Eloi Colom (Spain/Japan)

Aunt Hilda! (Tante Hilda!) by Jacques-Rémy Girerd & Benoït Chieux (France/Luxembourg) [also in Generation]

The Food Guide to Love by Dominic Harari & Teresa de Pelegri (Spain/Ireland/France)

Zone Pro Site: The Moveable Feast by Chen Yu-Hsun (Taiwan)