Beta Cinema has picked up world rights for Lancelot von Naso's feature debut Ceasefire (Waffenstillstand).

Ceasefire is the first German-language feature film on the Iraq War and is a co-production between DRIFE Deyle&Richter Filmproduktion, DCM Mitte Productions, Erfttal Film, and broadcasters ZDF and arte.

The film was inspired by the 2004 siege of the rebel stronghold Falluja, by American forces. It is also partly based on conversations von Naso and co-writers Kai Uwe Hasenheit and Collin McMahon had with NGOs and journalists such as CNN's Thomas Etzler and Al Jazeera's Ahmed Mansur. Von Naso has chosen to present the story from the perspective of the European and Iraqi protagonists.

Shooting began on location in the Moroccan desert this week and will continue in Morocco until mid-November. The leads are taken by Thekla Reuten (In Bruges), Matthias Habich (Nowhere in Africa), Hannes Jaenicke (Bandits), Maximilian von Pufendorf (Buddenbrooks) and Husam Chadat (Just Get Married).

Funding was supplied by the German Federal Film Board (FFA), German Federal Film Fund (DFFF) and FFF Bayern. Falcom Media Group will release the film theatrically in Germany in 2009.