Birds Eye View (BEV) and the British Council have renewed and expanded their partnership on an International Delegates programme in April 2014.

The Birds Eye View Festival, which runs April 8-13, will welcome 20 female writers, directors and producers for a bespoke series of training, networking and industry events from April 10-14.

Eleven countries are represented including Iraq, Indonesia, Cuba, Sudan, Trinidad & Tobago, Dominican Republic, Nigeria, Jamaica, Pakistan Romania and Argentina.

This year’s programme builds on 2013’s inaugural run. Again the partners are BAFTA and MoFilm.

British Council Director of Film Briony Hanson said: “At a time when diversity in the film industry is being widely and intensely discussed we are absolutely thrilled to be pulling together a delegation of 20 female filmmakers and film professionals from across the globe, from countries with more established industries like Argentina and Romania, those with developing infrastructure like Pakistan and Indonesia, and others from places where access to both expertise and finance can be challenging such as Cuba, Sudan and Iraq. We’re sure this international diversity will make a really meaningful contribution to BEV 2014.”

Birds Eye View Creative Director Kate Gerova [pictured] added: “I’m delighted at the keen interest shown by the international female filmmaking community in attending Birds Eye View. The scale of this year’s delegates programme shows a real desire for continued discussion, advocacy and specialised training events to ensure we reach a gender equal and diverse film industry. We’re really looking forward to welcoming so many international guests and working with the British Council to pool ideas, share knowledge and enjoy some great films from around the world at the Festival.”