Jacques Audiard’s competition title Rust & Bone was the topo pening film at the French box office in it first five days on release starting May 16.

According to figures from box office specialist Rentrak, 517,244 spectators saw Rust & Bone in its first weekend, making it the best performing opening film. UGC Distribution released the picture on 394 copies, achieving an average of 1,131 admissions per screen.

Wes Anderson’s opening film Moonrise Kingdom was the second best opener. The film distributed by StudioCanal on 284 copies, garnered 172,709 entries for an average 608 entries per screen.

In the overall five-day chart, Rust & Bone came in second after Dark Shadows, which attracted 579,826 spectators in it second week on release by WBI. Moonrise Kingdom was in sixth position.

Cannes festival titles due out this week include On The Road and Cosmopolis.