The family adventure sequel swept past the original’s $143m lifetime haul as another strong weekend through Warner Bros Pictures International boosted the tally to $159.2m.

Active on approximately 7,430 screens in 47 markets, Journey 2 grossed a confirmed $21.1m overall and opened top in Italy on $2.3m from 418 and added $2.7m in the second weekend in France for $6.8m. Spain stands at $3.9m after two.

China generated $5.8m for $48m after three weekends for what is already WBPI’s third highest box office, while Russia generated $2.5m for $16.1m after the same period. Journey 2 has amassed $10.7m in Mexico and $9m in the UK, both after four weekends, and stands at $7.1m in South Korea after six

Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close grossed $3.7m from 23 markets for $8.5m and opened in Mexico on $635,000 from 332 and Brazil on $435,000 from 97. Japan generated $991,000 in the second weekend for $3.8m.Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows is projected to reach $329.5m as of Sunday.

  • Fox International’s rom-com This Means War boasting the sparky trio of Reese Witherspoon, Chris Pine and Tom Hardy grossed a confirmed $11.2m from 2,932 screens in 41 markets as the early international running total shot up to $23.4m.

There were eight table-topping performances led by Holland on $744,144 from 101. The lead market remains Russia on $10.4m following a $3.1m second weekend gross from 1,029. Australia stands at $5.2m after two.

Chronicle added $5.1m from 1,503 in 38 for $36.9m and was powered by a $3m number one French debut on 341. Oscar contender The Descendants continued the good work outside North America as $5.4m from 2,645 in 51 boosted the tally to a magnificent $77.8m.

Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace in 3D has coaxed $46.2m out of international audiences over three weekends and the lead markets are Germany on $9.2m and the UK on $7.6m. Best Exotic Marigold Hotel opened in the first market anywhere – the UK – and placed second on a very strong $3.5m from 504. Alvin And The Chipmunks 3 stands at $202.5m and August 8th opened in second place in Russia on $5.9m from 1,467.

  • Universal’s former US number one release Safe House grossed $13.6m through UPI from 3,389 venues in 46 territories for an excellent early $35.9m running total.

The thriller arrived in 11 territories led by $3.6m in the UK from 425 for Denzel Washington’s second biggest debut behind American Gangster. The film opened in France on $2.2m from 309 and Germany on $2m from 360.

Contraband added $2.2m from 600 in 30 for $12.2m and generated a number one launch in Australia on $1.8m from 192. Big Miracle stands at $3m and Gone, which Universal is releasing in Russia, opened there on $540,000 from 232. My Week With Marilyn, another Universal pick-up but this time for Spain, opened there on $368,000 from 206.

  • Martin Scorsese’s multi-Oscar nominee Hugo from GK Films grossed $6.7m through PPI from 1,851 sites in 35 markets where PPI is distributing. The early running total stands at $37.9m. The film debuted top in Spain on $2.1m from 278 sites and held well in Brazil, climbing 35% in the second weekend for $1.3m from 239 for $4m.

The Devil Inside brought in $5m from 1,173 locations in 20 markets, giving rise to a promising $15.5m tally for the micro-budget horror. The top launch was a mighty $2.2m number one in Mexico on 536 that resulted in the second biggest horror opening in history. It also arrived in France on $1.6m from 200 and Argentina, where it topped the charts on $507,000 from 63.

Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol added $2.4m from 3,000 locations in its fifth weekend in China where it has climbed to a formidable $92.5m. Overall the action adventure added $3.4m from 3,637 sites in 65 territories for $471.5m.

DreamWorks Animation’s Puss In Boots grossed $2.1m from 1,753 venues in 63 markets and has reached $383.5m. 

  • Sony Pictures Releasing International’s (SPRI) action sci-fi Underworld: Awakening is on the cusp of $75m for the distributor following a confirmed $4.5m haul from 2,074 screens in 53 markets that was led by a $1.2m launch in South Korea on 404. The overall international running total stands at $83.5m.

There was a muted $475,00 debut in Japan from 177 while Germany has generated $7.8m after four weekends. The overall international running total stands at $74.6m.

Romance The Vow grossed $4.5m from 1,577 in 23 for $30.3m. The film added $1.4m from the third weekend in Australia where it now stands at $8.9m. The UK has generated $7.4m and Germany $6.5m, both also after three.

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo stands at $124.3m and has reached $11.8m in Japan after three weekends. Jack And Jill $68.1m following $3.9m from 2,025 in 41. Brazil has produced $7.9m after three.

Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance debuted in Spain in third place on $1.1m from 439 in the first international debut through SPRI. Hyde Park International pre-sold the bulk of international rights.

  • Oren Moverman’s LA police drama Rampart starring Woody Harrelson opened in the UK through StudioCanal to the tune of $158,780 over the first three days.