WRITER-DIRECTOR: Growing up in his Yorkshire family home, writer-director Brady Hood recalls regularly settling in for a film night, often involving gritty social-realist dramas such as Alan Clarke’s Scum, which he was allowed to watch despite its violent content.

Brady Hood

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He developed a taste for socially charged films but a trip with his mother to see The Sixth Sense left him with the notion that cinema is best when enjoyed by as many people as possible.

Those experiences have influenced his writing style, which he describes as “social realism with as much action as possible”.

After landing a job as director Joe Wright’s assistant on 2011’s Hanna and 2012’s Anna Karenina, the pair struck up a strong rapport.

Hood recalls showing a few of his early shorts to Wright, who told him to “stop making films to try and win Baftas” and to be less “monotone and depressing”.

Wright offered to finance Hood’s next short film In’t Vic, which he used to get himself into the National Film and Television School.

There, his dynamic graduation film Sweet Maddie Stone starred Jason Flemyng alongside 2015 Star of Tomorrow Jessica Barden. A feature version is now in development with Shoebox Films, and Hood is hopeful he can make it work with his original cast.

He is also developing a comedy drama called Twockers, about men committing comedic heists, and a TV drama series called Davey Glass Disappears with fellow NFTS graduate Chris Cornwell.

Hood is keeping his feet firmly on the ground despite the buzz around his projects. “I set out on this journey to make my family proud,” he says.

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