Brazil's box office totaled $313.9m (R$727.8m) in 2008, which represents a slight increase of 2.1% over the previous year, according to figures released by Filme B, a local film company that reviews theatrical market data.

Thanks to the revenues registered in December, particularly from Madagascar 2 which sold 3.5m tickets in that month alone, the year's grosses didn't fall as had been expected.

Even though 2008 managed to interrupt a drop in admissions that had persisted for the last three years (from 2005 to 2007), the number of tickets sold in the country remained pratically the same: 89.6m, up only 0.3% from 2007.

Brazilian films were seen by 8.4m people, accounting for a market share of 9.4%, which is the worst figure since 2002. The highest grossing local film was Meu Nome Nao E Johnny, based on the true story of a young man from Rio de Janeiro who became the most infamous drug-dealer in the 80's and 90's. It grossed totaled $7.7m (R$18m).

Domestic films will probably achieve a better market share percentage in 2009 with Fox's Se Eu Fosse Voce 2, the sequel to the 2006 blockbuster, already doing great business. Directed again by Daniel Filho, the second part of the story of the married couple who switch bodies has already broken records in Brazil. The film grossed $2.4m (R$5.6m) on its first three days, beating previous record-holder Carandiru (2003). Since January 2, Se Eu Fosse Voce 2 has been leading the box office in the country, where it has already amounted to $7.5m (R$17.5m).

Top 10 Brazil 2008 (in revenues and admissions)
1 The Dark Night (Warner Bros) $14.1m (R$32.7) 4m admissions
2 Kung Fu Panda (Paramount) $11.6m (R$26.9) 3.8m admissions
3 Madagascar 2: Escape Africa (Paramount-Dreamworks) $11.6m (R$26.9) 3.5m admissions
4 Iron Man (Paramount) $10.1m (R$23.4) 2.8m admissions
5 Indiana Jones & Kingdom Of the Crystal Skull (Paramount) $9.4m (R$21.8m) 2.4m admissions
6 Hancock (Sony) $9.3m (R$21.7m) 2.7m admissions
7 I Am Legend (Warner Bros) $7.9m (R$18.3m) 2.2m admissions
8 Meu Nome Nao E Johnny (Sony) $7.7m (R$18m) 2m admissions
9 The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (Universal) $7.5m (R$17.5m) 2.2m admissions
10 Quantum of Solace (Sony) $7m (R$16.3m) 1.8m admissions
Source: Filme B