Encounters, the Bristol, UK-based festival of short film and animations, will pay tribute to Oliver Postgate on July 27.

Comedian Phill Jupitus will host the event at Watershed cinema in Bristol.

The Phill, Bagpuss & Friends programme (3:30-4:45 pm) will celebrate the 50-year career or animator Postgate and his characters including Bagpuss, The Clangers, The Pogles, Noggin The Nog and Ivor The Engine.

The afternoon marks the 50th anniversary of Postgate's stop-motion animation career and the founding of his and Peter Firmin's Smallfilms.

Other guests on stage will be Smallfilms' archivist/publisher Loaf and another stop-motion animator, Barry Purves.

Jupitus said: 'Few people who grew up during the creative hotbed of 1960s children's television can fail to have been affected by Oliver Postgate's work. Whether it was the pastoral joy of Pogles Wood, or the nordic splendour of Noggin The Nog. These were programmes that told beautiful, engaging and simple stories with an underlying sophistication...'

Chris Daniels is producing the event, after previously lauding other animation heroes.

Info and tickets are available at www.watershed.co.uk.

This year's Encounters festival is planned for Nov 18-23.