Buena Onda producer Donald K Ranvaud has formed a partnership with Syrian company The Orient Group, headed by humanitarian and Unesco award winner Nabil Toumeh.

The first joint venture between Buena Onda and The Orient Group will be the Argentinean film, Sadourni’s Butterflies, which is shooting in Rosario in July under the direction of Dario Nardi. It tells the story of a dwarf clown who struggles to rejoin society after his release from prison and is billed as a tale of betrayal and redemption.

Toumeh will be executive producer with Niccolo Amici, Massimo Saidel and Robert Bevan as associates.

Buena Onda is best know for its award winning Latin- American features and documentaries including Sergio Machado’s Lower City, while Orient Group has interests in TV production, magazines and publishing. It has also recently been venturing into feature film production, backing titles including Half A Milligram Of Cocaine and 7km From Jerusalem.

It is understood that Ranvaud and Orient plan to collaborate on further Latin American projects.