Miami-based producer Donald K. Ranvaud (Central Station, City Of God) is in Cannes with a slate of 10 films from the top young Latin-American talent. The new films are being packaged and produced through Ranvaud's new outfit Buena Onda Americas, which recently set up in association with Silvio Sardi Communications and Max Pictures.

Films from Brazil, Bolivia, Guatemala, Puerto Rico, Argentina and the US are being backed by the company.

BOA has secured investment from Miami-based investors. Ranvaud says that the company has a commitment of $47 million over the next year from Miami-based investors.

Among the titles supported by BOA are The Fists Of A Nation, a documentary about boxing legend Roberto 'Hands Of Stone' Duran by Panamanian director Pituk A Ortega; Mexican drama Cochochi by Laura Amelia Guzman and Israel Cardenas (on which they have partnered with Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna's Canana); The King Of Cha Cha Cha by Isabel Martinez and Vincente Ferraz; Sadourni's Butterflies by Dario Nardi; and Philippe Barcinski's Not By Chance (which Fernando Meirelles is producing.) Many of the films are being sold by Ondamax, although Ranvaud pointed out that this was not an exclusive arrangement.

BOA is also developing some bigger English-language projects to shoot in Florida, among them Speed Kills, written by Paul Castro (about the life and death of speedboat king Don Aronow) and Johnny Too, scripted and directed by Adam Coleman Howard. Shirley MacLaine is attached to two BOA projects, Rainbow Black and Eileen's Ice.