A string or projects based on the American author and his books are in the works.

Producer Donald K Ranvaud of Buena Onda is representing the estate of Richard Brautigan (pictured), the American author who committed suicide in 1984. He was best known for novels including Trout Fishing In America and A Confederate General From Big Sur.

Paul Swensen and Anthony Lucero are directing a documentary about the writer called For Richard. Bob Rafelson, Peter Coyote, Walter Salles and Roman Coppola are among the Brautigan enthusiasts contributing on camera.

Lucero is also set to direct a feature film adaptation of Brautigan’s The Abortion: A Historical Romance 1966.

Meanwhile, Benicio Del Toro is in talks to make a film version of Confederate General while there are also plans afoot to make a film of The Hawkline Monster: A Gothic Western.

Brautigan was a key figure in the San Francisco counterculture movement during the late 1960s and early 1970s.