The New Currents Award went to Korean film End Of Winter [pictured], directed by Kim Daehwan, and Iranian film 13, directed by Hooman Seyedi.

End of Winter

The 19th Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) wrapped Oct 11 with a record number of admissions at 226,473, topping its 2012 record of 221,002. The top New Currents Award, given to two winners from the competition for first and second time feature directors, went to Korean film End Of Winter, directed by Kim Daehwan, and Iranian film 13, directed by Hooman Seyedi.

The New Currents jury headed by Asgar Farhadi said, “We unanimously voted for 1 by Korean director Kim Daehwan, which impressed us with its stylistic consistency, its skillful exploration of family relations, its elegant mastery of cinematic space, and its great ensemble cast.”

“The majority of the jury voted for the Iranian film 13 by director Hooman Seyedi. Its inventive camerawork, high level of technical achievement and dynamism make for a promising debut feature,” they said.

Busan 2014 Awards

BIFF Mecenat Award
1. For an Asian film: The Storm Makers, dir, Guillaume Suon (Cambodia)
2. For a Korean film: Collapse, dir. Mun Jeonghyun, Lee Wonwoo (Korea)

Sonje Award
1. Asian: Stairway, dir. Matt Wu (Taiwan)
2. Korean: The Night, dir. Choi Kiyun (Korea)

Actor of the Year Award
Choi Woo-shik (Korea) Set Me Free

Actress of the Year
Cho Soohyang (Korea) Wild Flowers

Daemyung Culture Wave Award
The Liar, dir. Kim Dong-myung (Korea)

What’s The Time In Your World? dir. Safi Yazdanian (Iran)

Socialphobia - Hong Seok-jae (Korea)

KNN Award (Audience Award)
Ghadi, dir. Amin Dora (Lebanon)

Busan Bank Award (Audience Award)
The Boss, Anatomy Of A Crime, dir. Sebastian Schindel (Argentina)

Citizen Critics’ Award
Set Me Free - Kim Tae-yong (Korea)

Busan Cinephile Award
The Look Of Silence, dir. Joshua Oppenheimer (Denmark)

CGV Movie Collage Award
A Matter of Interpretation, dir. Lee Kwang-kuk (Korea)

DGK (Directors Guild of Korea) Award
A Midsummer’s Fantasia, dir. Jang Kunjae (Korea)
Socialphobia, dir. Hong Seok-jae (Korea)

AND Taskovski Films Asian Talent Fund Award
Weaving, dir. Wang Yang, prod. Huang Jiaqing (China)