In the name of investigative journalism we head to the freebie suite in Cannes.

As a hard hitting journo, I felt it was my duty to head to the Carlton Hotel to check out the DPA gift suite (run by Nathalie Dubois), which offers a tantalising array of freebies to stars attending the festival.

While browsing the Fendi sunglasses and dreamy designer dresses, Screen bumped into Romanian director Radu Mihaileanu, whose Competition film, The Source, screens on May 18.

He seemed as overwhelmed as we did by all the goodies, especially the all-expenses-paid trip to the luxury St Regis resort in Bora Bora in the Pacific, where Couples Retreat was shot.

The best freebies might be reserved for the stars, but Screen did pick up a gift or two and, most importantly, the business card of the St Regis general manager. If only there were a film festival in Bora Bora…