Former TF1 International/TFM Distribution chief Perrine Teze is back in business in Cannes with a new company, Perrine Teze International.

The veteran sales agent, with a newly-minted MBA in her pocket, is in town with Clean Out, a feature from Barthelemy Grossmann.

Mads Mikkelsen, Harvey Keitel, Peter Stormare, Elliot Gould and Timothy Dalton make up the ensemble with Dominic Monaghan in negotiations. The $13.6m (€10m) action-drama sees New York’s Italian and Russian mafias working together on a money laundering scheme. When the deal’s middle-man dies violently, the families set off for Zurich where a battle for the fortune ensues.

The darkly comedic film is executive produced by Gerald Morin with Peter Christian Fueter and Yves Gasser producing. Rai Cinema has Italian rights.

Grossmann is an up-and-comer whose first film, 13m2, enjoyed strong reviews in 2007. The DP on the film is Ueli Steiger whose previous credits include 10,000 BC, Austin Powers 2 and The Day After Tomorrow. Stunt coordinator on the film is Taken’s Olivier Schneider.

Clean Out starts principal photography on September 14 in New York and will shoot for ten weeks in NY, Zurich and Berlin. Teze is representing the film in Cannes while, via her new outfit, she will consult and package deals for both cinema and television projects.