Nick Meyer announced on Thursday a slew of deals on the company’s heavyweight Croisette sales roster, led by such highlights as Molly’s Game, Tully, Anon, and Villa Capri.


Molly’s Game from The Mark Gordon Company and eOne will mark the feature directorial debut of Aaron Sorkin and will star Jessica Chastain and Idris Elba.

Deals closed for Germany (Square One), Latin America (Sun Distribution), France (SND Groupe M6), Scandinavia (Scanbox), Italy (Rai Cinemas), the Middle East (Eagle Films Middle East), Japan (Kino Films), South Korea (Main Title), Portugal (NOS Audiovisuals), Switzerland (Ascot Elite), South Africa (Ster-Kinekor), Taiwan (CaiChang International), India (Estars), and CIS, Bulgaria, Czech/Slovak, former Yugoslavia, Hungary, Poland, and Romania (Freeman Film Trade & Finance).

Rights went in Malaysia (MM2 Entertainment Malaysia), Iceland (Myndform), Hong Kong (Sundream), Greece and Turkey (Tanweer), Israel (United King) and the Philippines (Viva Communications).

eOne will distribute directly in the UK, Australia/New Zealand, Canada, Benelux and Spain. STX Entertainment paid approximately $9m for US and China rights in Cannes.

eOne and Endurance Media’s action comedy Villa Capri to star Morgan Freeman and Tommy Lee Jones went to Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions for Scandinavia, Latin America, Bulgaria, Czech/Slovak, former Yugoslavia, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Poland, Romania, and Turkey.

Deals closed for Germany (Wild Bunch), Switzerland (Ascot Elite), South Africa (Ster-Kinekor), Hong Kong (Sundream), Portugal (NOS Audiovisuals), Taiwan (CaiChang International), India (Estars), Malaysia (MM2 Entertainment Malaysia), Israel (United King), Vietnam (Noori Pictures), and Baltics (Acme Film).

eOne will distribute directly in the UK, Australia/New Zealand, Canada, Benelux and Spain, while Broad Green handles US distribution.

Phillip Noyce thriller Above Suspicion stars Jack Huston and Emilia Clarke, has gone to Latin America (Gussi), South Korea (Main Title), Switzerland (Ascot Elite), Taiwan (CaiChang International), Middle East (Eagle Films Middle East), Portugal (NOS Audiovisuals), former Yugoslavia (Cinemania Group), and South Africa (Ster-Kinekor).

Rights went to Hong Kong (Sundream), Malaysia (MM2 Entertainment Malaysia), Indonesia (Feat Pictures), the Philippines (Pioneer), India (Estars), Greece and Turkey (Tanweer), Israel (United King), and Iceland (Myndform). Captive Entertainment acquired airline rights.

K5 Media Group’s upcoming Andrew Niccol sci-fi Anon to starClive Owen and Amanda Seyfried went to France (TF1), Germany and Switzerland (Koch Media), Latin America (Gussi), Italy (Eagle Pictures), Japan (Culture Convenience Club), South Korea (Unicon Media), South Africa (Ster-Kinekor), Bulgaria and former Yugoslavia (Blitz Film & Video) and Portugal (NOS Audiovisuals).

Deals closed in India (Estars), Indonesia (Feat Pictures), Taiwan (Lots Home Entertainment), Iceland (Myndform), Vietnam (Noori Picture), the Philippines (Pioneer), Greece and Turkey (Tanweer), and Israel (United King). Cinesky acquired airlines rights.

Stan & Ollie financed by eOne and BBC Films and set to starSteve Coogan and John C. Reilly went in Germany and Switzerland (Square One), Scandinavia (Mis Label), South Korea (Main Title), Middle East (Eagle Films Middle East), former Yugoslavia (Cinemania Group), India (Estars), Turkey (Fabula Films), and Malaysia (MM2 Entertainment Malaysia).

Deals closed in Hong Kong (Sundream), the Philippines (Viva Communications), Baltics (SIA Latvia Theatrical Distribution), Greece (Tanweer), Israel (United King), and Iceland (Myndform). Entertainment In Motion holds airline rights and eOne will distribute directly in the UK, Australia/New Zealand, Canada, Benelux and Spain.

Bron Studios’ comedy Tully, which will mark the reunion of director Jason Reitman and screenwriter Diablo Cody and star Charlize Theron, went to Australia (Studiocanal), Germany (DCM Film Distribution), France (Mars Films), Scandinavia (Scanbox), Japan (Kino Films), South Korea (Main Title), Latin America (Sun Distribution), Benelux (The Searchers), Middle East (Eagle Films Middle East), and Switzerland (Ascot Elite).

Rights also went to Hong Kong (Sundream), Bulgaria and former Yugoslavia (Blitz Film & Video), Israel (United King), South Africa (Ster-Kinekor), India (Estars), the Philippines (Viva Communications), Greece and Turkey (Tanweer), and Iceland (Myndform). Entertainment In Motion handles airlines.

Sierra/Affinity sales titles include Un Certain Regard selections Captain Fantastic financed by ShivHans Pictures and Hell Or High Water financed by Sidney Kimmel Entertainment and OddLot Entertainment.

Matt Ross won the directing prize for Captain Fantastic, which Bleecker Street will release in the US on July 8. CBS Films and Lionsgate will release Hell Or High Water in the US on August 12.

The sales slate includes spy thrillerThe Coldest City produced by Sierra and starring Theron, which is currently in post and will be distributed in the US by Focus Features, as well as James Gray’s Lost City Of Z starring Charlie Hunnam, Sienna Miller, Robert Pattinson and Tom Holland, also in post.

“As today’s film marketplace continues to evolve, we remain focused on delivering content from the industry’s most talented film-makers that features acclaimed actors with global appeal,” said Sierra/Affinity CEO Meyer.

“Our new partnership with eOne, including its dynamic studio venture with The Mark Gordon Company, allows us to present more high quality films alongside the continually strong slate from our network of independent producers and financiers.”