Cloud platform Akamai providing online video coverage of Cannes.

Akamai Technologies’s Akamai HD Network is in Cannes to provide online video coverage of the 65th Cannes International Film Festival to all mobile-connected attendees and also to official Cannes International Film Festival website visitors.

Akamai worked with Cannes in 2011 to deliver film trailers and on-demand content.

“The Cannes Film Festival is one of the industry’s most prestigious events and our relationship stretches back over many years and has seen Akamai delivering the Festival’s internet content from as early as 2000,” said Stuart Cleary, EMEA Product Director of Digital Media at Akamai. “We are honored to once again be streaming trailers of films being screened at the event as well as content from the proceedings and awards presentations to fans and film enthusiasts, allowing them to experience the atmosphere and excitement of the globally recognized film festival alongside those actually attending the event. And as the Festival has embraced the digital age and all the opportunities it presents, we’re very proud to be an integral part in enabling that to happen.”