Hot titles include The Children From Mount Napf and 18 Meals.

Atrix peddles Children

Beatrix Wesle´s Atrix Film shas closed multiple territories on Swiss feature documentary The Children From Mount Napf. The film which premiered in the market on Wednesday was sold to MFA+ for Germany and Austria, Netherlands (Contact Film), Denmark (Ost for Paradise), Former Yugoslavia (Demiug) and Taiwan (Way Sen International). The film chronicles the lives of children in a mountain area near Luzern in Switzerland. Director Alice Schmid spent a full year with the mountain children of the municipality of Romoos, filing in the craggy, wild landscape around Mount Napf. The documentary is already a box office hit in Switzerland crossing, garnering more than $1 million at the local box-office.

Hungary animates deals

The Hungarian National Film Fund has sold Egon & Dönci and Waterspider-Wonderspider to Thai buyer Shibuya, which also took on action-adventure Nosedive.

Buyers order Meals

Buyers are feasting on 18 Meals, the gastronomic drama from Jorge Coira that is being served up in the market by David Castellanos’ Cinema Republic. The film is an ensemble piece with overlapping stories centred round breakfast, lunch and dinner. Characters include a street musician who meets the love of his life, two drunks having seafood for breakfast and a man preparing a meal for a woman who doen’t show up.Midway through the market, Castellanos confirmed deals with Japan (Action), Germany and Austria (Cine Global), Scandinavia, (Non Stop), Brazil (Esfera Films) and Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay (Primer Plano.)