Market screenings include The Black Power Mixtape, A Life For Ballet, The First Rasta.

French outfit Wide House, the documentary wing of sales outfit Wide Management, are showcasing a number of new and soon to be completed titles at his year’s festival.
Market screenings include Goran Hugo Olsson’s The Black Power Mixtape 1967 - 1975, an insight into the US Black Power movement from the black diaspora, which screened in competition at Sundance this year; Marlene Ionescu’s A Life For Ballet (Une Vie De Ballets), an examination of the choreographer Pierre Lacotte and his muse Ghislaine Thesmar; and Helene Lee and Christophe Farnarier’s The First Rasta (Le Premier Rasta), about Leonard Percival Howell who founded the first Rasta community in 1939.

Catalogue titles include the Jean Luc Godard documentary Two In The Wave and last year’s Karlovy Vary FIPRESCI winner Hitler In Hollywood.

Other 2011 titles include:

Roma Fantastica Dir. Luigi Cozzi (France)
A guided history of Rome through its B Movies

Johnnie Got His Gun! Dir. Yves Montmayeur (France)
A look at director Johnnie To, the “Godfather” of Hong Kong film noir.

A Man vanishes (Ningen Johatsu), Dir. Shohei Imamura (Japan)
An exploration of Johatsu, the phenomenon of missing people in Japan

Open Sky (A Ciel Ouvert) Dir. Ines Compan (France)
Argentinian natives find themselves the centre of attention when multi-nationals discover their lucrative natural resources

Honk! Dir. Arnaud Gaillard and Florent Vassault (France)
Four US families affected by the death penalty talk about their ordeals

On the wall Dir. Denis Ramos and Jerome Decol (France)
A look at the Graffiti movement in five European cities

(No) Laughing Matter (Blagues A Part) Dir. Vanessa Rousselot (France)
An Insight into Palestinian humour

Bye Bye Blue Sky Dir. Patrick Pasin (UK)
An investigation into the effects of aviation pollution