EXCLUSIVE: Double Dutch International will commence sales in Cannes on the comedy Oliver, Stoned.

Tom Morris directed from a screenplay he co-wrote with Jaz Kalkat about the world’s biggest stoner who is forced to steal an ice cream van and enlist his friends in pursuit of a swanky car he has lost.

Seth Cassell, Brea Grant and Ryan Malgarini star. Morris, Kalkat and Elliot Feld of Pelican House Productions produce.

Oliver, Stoned marks the second collaboration between Double Dutch International and Pelican House after General Education.

“In the tradition of great stoner comedies, Oliver, Stoned is a riotous, high-energy film,” said Double Dutch president Jason Moring.

“Filmgoers are going to laugh until they cry when they see just what Oliver’s merry band of misfits are willing to do to help out a friend.”