Nelson Mandela’s grandson Kweku Mandela is a co-director and producer and will be in Cannes to show footage.

Kaleidoscope Film Distribution will start pre-sales here on feature documentary Mandela’s Children (working title). The film is co-directed and produced by Kweku Mandela [pictured] and Kemal Akhtar.

The film will tell the story of Nelson Mandela through his family and the people who knew him best. It includes Mandela talking and being interviewed by 21 of his grandchildren.

Kaleidoscope will show selected scenes to buyers here in Cannes and Kweku Mandela is attending the market. Spencer Pollard, CEO of KFD, said:  “Nelson Mandela is without doubt, one of the most important, influential and respected figureheads in modern day history. This film is unique in its craft, outlook and story-telling from both Mr. Mandela and his grandchildren and the wealth of archive that the film will include. I cannot begin to tell you how honoured we are to be working on such an important film and to launch it at the Cannes Market.”

Mandela’s Children is edited by Gregers Sall (who edited Senna), and executive producers are James Erskine, Deepak Sikka, Victoria Gregory, and David Westhead.

The deal was signed by Spencer Pollard and Caroline Stern of Kaleidoscope Film Distribution and Kweku Mandela and Kemal Akhtar of Out of Africa Films and 25/7 Films respectively, who are producing the film together with New Black Films. 

Co-director and co-producer, Kemal Akhtar added, “People ask me: ‘Is this just another documentary motion picture?’  Well, I say - it took 70 years to make this archive happen. The film took three years in development.  It’s required a solid 18 months of pre-production, a further 8 months in the edit, and, we’re still not finished.  The icing on the cake is the 94 years of Mr. Mandela’s story. So, considering all this:  I ask you ‘Is this just another documentary?” 

London-based KFD’s slate also includes The Penguin King 3D and Something From Nothing: The Art of Rap.