Lightning slate includes The Summerland Project and Showdown In Manila.

Showdown In Manila

Mathilde Epstein has been promoted to head of sales at Lightning Entertainment.

Epstein previously served as vice-president of international sales and has served at the Santa Monica-based company for more than 10 years.

She arrives in Cannes with a slate that includes sci-fi romance The Summerland Project, action title Showdown In Manila, sci-fi adventure Synkhole, and drug cartel thriller Powder And Gold

“[Epstein’s] new position as head of sales both honours her commitment to our company and recognises her strong track record of success and her professionalism, talent and skills as one of the leading executives in our industry,” said Lightning Entertainment president James Walker.

Epstein was born in Lyon, France, and moved to Los Angeles where, prior to Lightning, she joined Hannibal Pictures and rose to director of international sales and marketing.