The investment is part of a long-term strategy to support people and companies working in the local screen industry.

Scottish writing, directing, producing and digital media talent is set to benefit from over £1.3m worth of investment in a range of training and development programmes.

A portfolio of seven distinctive initiates have received financial support from Scottish Screen’s Talent Development Fund and will share a total commitment of £590,000 over the next 12 months. This amount will be matched through co-investment partnerships.

The investment aims to provide long-term strategic support to individuals and companies working in the screen sector in Scotland.  It also ensures that the Scottish screen sector is represented at major international markets and festivals such as the Cannes International Film Festival, HotDocs and the Toronto and Berlin International Film Festivals.

Together the programmes offer a comprehensive ladder of opportunity for new, emerging and established writers, producers, directors, content creators and digital media talent.

Partners on the programmes include the Edinburgh International Film Festival, BBC Scotland, Channel 4, TRC, the Irish Film Board, the Toronto International Film Festival and Skillset.  

“At a time when the market for screen business is tough, it is vital that individuals and companies are as informed and as well-connected as possible. Scottish Screen’s investment in these programmes guarantees this and ensures that the Scottish screen sector is promoted at major international festivals and events over the next 12 months,” Carole Sheridan, head of talent and creativity at Scottish Screen, said.