Financier-producer Edward Walson of Sunrider Productions, Andy Garcia and Cargo Entertainment CEO-managing partner Marina Grasic announced on Tuesday (15) that financing is place for the project. The Paradigm Motion Picture Finance Group arranged the financing and will represent domestic rights.

Production is set to commence in January 2013. Garcia will direct, produce through his CineSon label with Walson and star as Fuentes alongside Anthony Hopkins as Hemingway and Annette Bening as the writer’s third wife Mary Welsh Hemingway. 

Garcia also co-wrote Hemingway & Fuentes with Hemingway’s niece Hilary Hemingway. He is represented by Paradigm. Hopkins is handled by UTA and Bening by CAA.

The film follows Hemingway as he relives the blissful years he spent in Cuba with his best friend Fuentes (Garcia) and recounts how he fell in love with the beautiful Italian girl who inspired him to write The Old Man And The Sea.

“I have the great privilege to explore the extraordinary life of Ernest Hemingway in perhaps the most creative and intense moment of his life,” Garcia said. “His relationships with his last wife Mary Welsh, his muse Adriana Ivanchich, Spencer Tracy and his soulmate and captain Gregorio Fuentes, who’s friendship spawned what many consider his greatest work, The Old Man And The Sea.

“I also have the honour of working not only with his niece Hilary Hemingway as my writing partner, but two of the most inspirational artists of our times in Sir Anthony Hopkins and Annette Bening.

“Andy’s unparalleled passion and vision is what attracted us to this project,” Grasic said. “We believe the buyers in Cannes will also be inspired by this beautifully crafted story and the cast he’s assembled.”