After two years of service, the Cannes Film Festival's Catherine Demier is in the process of leaving her position as administrative director. On Monday, Demier told that her post 'no longer corresponds to the conditions under which I joined the festival.'

In August, it was announced that artistic director Thierry Fremaux had been named general manager - only the fourth person in the festival's history to hold that spot.

In 2000, former festival general manager Gilles Jacob ascended to the presidency and created dual roles for an artistic director and an administrative director which effectively eliminated the solitary post of general manager. At the time, Fremaux was hired on the artistic side while Veronique Cayla, now head of France's CNC, took up the administrative functions.

In 2005, when Cayla departed, Demier was named to replace her. Whether the festival will do away with the triumvirate governance is not as yet clear and organizers had no comment on Monday. Negotiations regarding Demier's departure are ongoing.

Demier, for her part, says she will return to France's court of accounts where she worked prior to her Cannes posting and where, she said, 'a whole stack of fascinating tasks await me.'