Celluloid Dreams has added two Venice competition titles to its autumn slate - Yu Lik-wai's Plastic City and Marco Bechis' Birdwatchers - both of which are set in Brazil and are co-productions with Brazil's Gullane Filmes.

Produced by Italy's Classic Film, Karta Film and Rai Cinema with Fabiano and Caio Gullane, Birdwatchers follows the confrontation between a group of wealthy farmers and the natives who are the legitimate inhabitants of their land.

The film will be released in Italy by 01 Distribution on September 2 following its Venice premiere. Ocean will release the film in France.

Meanwhile, Plastic City, produced by Gullane and China's Xstream Pictures, revolves around the son of an Asian gangster in the Liberdade barrio of Sao Paulo, Brazil, which is home to the largest Japanese community outside Japan.

Japanese star Joe Odagiri (Shinobi, Bright Future) heads the cast which also include Hong Kong's Anthony Wong (The Mummy: Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor) and upcoming Chinese actress Huang Yi.

Plastic City was co-produced by Japan's Bitters End and Hong Kong's Sundream Motion Pictures, marking the first ever Brazilian, Chinese and Japanese co-production.

Celluloid Dreams is also handling international sales on a third Venice competition title - Takeshi Kitano's Achilles And The Tortoise.