Channel 4 has increased its funding of the Britdoc documentary foundation by a third and extended its funding commitment to 2013.

The broadcaster has been providing funding to the foundation since 2005 and initially provided 100% of the organisation’s funding when it first launched.

The Britdoc foundation is an independent, non-profit organisation which aims to create new models for funding and distributing documentaries.

Since it launched the foundation has funded over 60 films which have gone on to win numerous awards including Afghan Star, Hell and Back Again and Here’s Johnny.

David Abraham, C4 chief executive said documentaries are part of the DNA of Channel 4 and their ability to help people see the world around them differently and shed light on the world is something we needs to be nurtured for future generations.

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C4 chief creative officer Jay Hunt said: “Britdoc nurtures new and emerging talent, its films win major awards and are seen worldwide at festivals and screenings.

“They are making great, strides in harnessing social media and enable films with a true social purpose to be told to as wide an audience as possible.”

Britdoc chief executive Jess Search said: “It would have been impossible to have got the Foundation off the ground six years ago with anyone except Channel 4. They took a risk on us and provided 100% of our initial funding. I’m happy to say that their bet paid off and the Foundation has now grown into a mature organisation with international partnerships including Sundance Institute, Puma.Creative and Ford Foundation.”

This story was originally published by Broadcast.