Universal/UPI's comedy I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry ruled the roost overseas at the weekend courtesy of an estimated $9.3m haul from 2,512 venues in 38 territories.

The comedy climbed to $38m following a weekend session that was punctuated by seven number one debuts in Germany, Mexico, Austria, Sweden, Estonia, Panama and Malaysia.

The film launched in Germany on $3.1m from 490 sites, and took $1.2m from 300 in Mexico, as well as $600,000 from 85 in Austria, and $225,000 from 42 in Sweden.

Malaysia generated $150,000 from 30 sites, which was the second biggest launch for an Adam Sandler film behind Click. There are still 11 territories to open.

The Bourne Ultimatum added $8.7m from 4,000 venues in 42 territories for a $161.7m cumulative tally. The action thriller added $1.5m from 450 in its second weekend in France to rank second on $9.8m.

The film ranks third in Germany on $12.6m after four weekends, and ninth after seven weekends in the UK on $45.7m. It ranks seventh in Australia after five on $15.8m. There are 10 more territories to open including Italy on Nov 1 and China on Nov 15.

Evan Almighty added $3.6m from 1,035 venues in 39 territories for $61.3m, buoyed by a second place $1.7m Italian debut from 258 sites. It opened top in Chile on $105,000 from 40.

The top grossing territories are the UK on $12.1m, Spain on $6m, Mexico on $5.2m and Germany on $3.7m.

Atonement grossed $2.2m from 597 venues in three territories. The bulk of revenue came from holdover business in the UK and Italy, where the drama added $1.8m from 412 for $17.1m in the third weekend and $320,000 from 175 for $1.1m respectively.

The film opened in Finland and generated $54,000 from 10 sites. The early running total stands at $18.2m.

Knocked Up grossed $1.3m from 960 sites in 25 territories for $53.7m. The comedy opened in second place in the Netherlands on $325,000 from 66 and opened in second place in South Africa on $150,000 from 66. There are 24 territories to open including France on Oct 10, Italy on Oct 19 and Spain on Oct 31.

Warner Bros Pictures International's (WBPI) The Brave One grossed $6.7m from 2,050 prints in 21 markets for an early international running total of $8.3m.

Weekend business was boosted by a $1.3m launch on 303 screens in Spain that saw the film running neck-and-neck for the top spot with New Line International's Rush Hour 3.

The revenge drama opened in fourth place in Germany on $1.1m from 401 prints, and opened in third place in Paris on the back of a French debut that generated $1.1m from 277 prints.

In two other key openings, The Brave One took $1m in the UK from 376 sites, and $859,000 from 253 prints in Italy where it ranked fourth.

Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix remains active and added $586,000 for $643.4m.

The romantic comedy No Reservations added $4.5m from 2,300 prints in
53 markets for $37m. It opened in Japan in fourth place on $1.1m from
292 prints.

Fox International's The Simpsons Movie grossed $2.6m from 1,500 screens in 13 markets for $336.6m.

28 Weeks Later added $1.1m from 750 in 15 for $33m, boosted by a $307,000 debut in Italy on 122 screens.

Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer raised its tally by $1m from 600 screens in three markets to $144.6m excluding Germany and Austria.

Die Hard 4.0 added $663,000 from 700 in 10 for $237m. There are still Italy and China to go in October.

Sony Pictures Releasing International's (SPRI) comedy Superbad added $4m from 1,240 screens in 14 markets for $16.3m. The film opened in Russia on $1.1m including previews from 300 screens, and launched in Israel on $65,000 from 18 screens.

It added $1.5m for $9.6m to rank fourth in the UK in its third weekend, and added $870,000 in the second weekend in Australia to rank fifth on $3.3m.

Resident Evil: Extinction is in the early stages of release and grossed $1.4m from 400 screens in two SPRI markets and $6.8m overall for a $4.6m SPRI running total and $19.7m through all distributors.

The zombie action film fell 42% on $1.2m in its second weekend in Mexico for $4.4m. It finished in an unconfirmed first or second place.

Surf's Up added $2.8m from 1,825 screens in 36 markets for $50 and Across The Universe grossed $60,000 from 75 in its first market of the UK.