Cinema City International is in the process of equipping its theatres in Central and Eastern Europe and in Israel with D-Cinema technology suitable for 3D projection.

The multiplex operator has ordered 50 Kinoton DCP 30 Digital Cinema Projectors with integrated Dolby 3D system, several of which have already been installed in Israel, Poland and Hungary. Further installations are scheduled for the Cinema City multiplexes in Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Romania and Israel.

The 23-screen megaplex Cinema City Arena in Budapest is the largest cinema in Central Europe, with 23 screens and seating for 3,800 moviegoers. Now it offers four digital screens which have premiered with Wall-E. The digital installations at the Cinema City Arkadia in Warsaw are currently in progress; three of its 15 auditoriums will offer 3D D-Cinema.

Kinoton has already installed 15 of the 50 D-Cinema projectors ordered. The first digital shows in 2D and 3D are running at multiplexes in Israel and Hungary.

At the Yes Planet theatre in Ramat-Gan, Israel, three of the 15 auditoriums now are suitable for stereoscopic digital projection. The Yes Planet in Haifa -- with 23 screens the biggest multiplex in Israel -- was equipped with 4 D-Cinema projectors. Both multiplexes have exhibited the digital version of the Disney/Pixar production Wall-E and started 3D projection with Journey To The Center Of The Earth 3D by the end of July.

Cinema City International CEO Moshe 'Mooky' Greidinger said the decision to work with Kinoton as the supplier of the D-Cinema technology was an easy one. Greidinger said that Cinema City had been working with Kinoton for many years and found the company and its products to be extremely reliable.

The Cinema City Group is the largest multiplex theatre operator in Central and Eastern Europe and in Israel. As of July 2008, Cinema City operates 62 multiplexes with 563 screens and 113,000 seats.