As Rotterdam CineMart closed yesterday, the two Arte France Cinema Awards went to CineMart projects A Rational Solution, which Jorgen Bergmark is developing with Sweden 's Hepp Film, and Les Pieds Nus Sur Les Limaces, which Fabienne Berthaud is developing with France 's Agat Films & Cie. Each producer got a development grant of $13,016 (Euros 10,000).

The Prince Claus Fund Film Grant was given to Independencia by Raya Martin, developed with Cinematografica Independiente en Filipinas of the Philippines. That grant, given each year to a filmmaker from Africa, Asia, Latin America or the Caribbean, was worth $19,526 (Euros 15,000). That project is about a small family taking refuge in the woods during the american occupation fo the Philippines in the early 20th century.

Meanwhile, Rotterdam gave its Movies That Matter Award to The Mark Of Cain by Marc Munden, a UK feature about two young British army men who get into trouble during their duty in Iraq. Munden gets a stipend of $3,254 (Euros 2,500).

The Movies That Matter honourable mention went to the Israeli documentary Bil'in My Love (Bil'In Habibti) by Shai Carmeli Pollak.

Rotterdam 's Tiger Awards for short films were given to Video Game by Vipin Vijay (India), Hinterland by Geoffrey Boulange (France) and The Flag (Bayrak) by Koken Ergun (Turkey). Each gets a $3,905 (Euros 3,000) prize.

Honourable mentions for short films went to Albert Sackl's About The Inside; From The Outside (Vominnen; Von Aussen) from Austria and Cristina Lucas' You Can Walk Too from Spain. The Prix UIP Short Film prize to qualify for the European Film Awards was David Dusa's Amin (France/Germany/Netherlands).