CNP is lanching a consultation process to find creative companies looking to fill the space, which will also feature live music, a screening room and pop-up restaurants.

Creative Network Partners (CNP) has acquired a 70,000 sq ft studio space in London with a view to housing creative companies.

The Hackney Downs Studios will provide a space for creative organisations as well as featuring live music, pop-up restaurants, a screening room and film and recording studios.

The site is the second CNP’s existing creative community site Netil House, in London Fields, East London which houses 94 studios for small and start-up companies as well as 5000sqft warehouse space and roof terrace hired out for major events, music videos and films.

Residents range from digital arts innovators, fashion labels, photographic, film and recording studios to art restoration, acrobats and children’s publishing.

There will now be a consultation process until Sept 12, with Creative Network Partners hoping to get feedback from promoters, creatives amd entrepreneurs.

The studios will be open for business in November.