Leading Spanish director Isabel Coixet’s documentary Aral: El Mar Perdido will receive its world premiere in the non-fiction sidebar of San Sebastian, alongside Andrei Ujica’s The Autobiography Of Nicolae Ceaucescu and Federick Wiseman’s Boxing Gym.

Coixet’s documentary tells the tragic story of the Aral Sea, situated between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, which has dramatically shrunk since the 1960s after the rivers that fed it were diverted by Soviet Union irrigation projects, killing wildlife and polluting the waters.

Ujica’s film about Romanian dictator Ceaucescu and veteran US documentary director Wiseman’s Boxing Gym will make their Spanish premieres at San Sebastian having already featured at Cannes earlier this year.

The remaining films in the section titled .Doc – New Paths Of Non Fiction are an assorted range of documentaries from the past ten years, including Guy Maddin’s My Winnipeg (2007), Werner Herzog’s The Wild Blue Yonder (2005), Lars Von Trier and Jorgen Leth’s The Five Obstructions (2003), and Julien Temple’s The Filth And The Fury (2000).