Columbia Tri Star Mexico has boarded its first Mexican co production, the comedy thriller Sin Ton Ni Sonia, currently shooting in Mexico City.

In addition to from covering 20% of the estimated $1m budget, Columbia TriStar has picked up the local and international distribution rights to the project. Mexican producers Salvador de la Fuente and Erwin Newmaeir formed new company Harikiri Prods to produce the film. "We hope to churn out other projects under this new banner," said de la Fuente.

The directorial debut of leading Mexican commercials director Carlos Sama, Sin Ton Ni Sonia stars Cecilia Suarez (Sexo, Pudor Y Lagrimas), Juan Manuel Bernal (El Callejon De Los Milagros) and newcomers Jose Maria Yazpik and Mariana Baja. The title is a play of words on the Spanish expression 'sin ton ni son' which is used to describe something that makes no sense. Sin Ton Ni Sonia follows the amorous adventures of two couples against a mystery thriller backdrop. Luis Felipe Fabre and Carlos Sama wrote the screenplay with script doctoring by Amores Perros screenwriter Guillermo Arriaga.

Columbia TriStar follows the lead of Warner Bros and BVI which have gone one step further by setting up production companies, Coyoacan and Miravista, respectively.

Prior to Sin Ton Ni Sonia, Columbia TriStar solely distributed local films, all of which did moderate box office business: Benjamin Caan's Cronica De Un Desayuno, Carlos Bolado's Bajo California and Rafael Montero's Corazones Rotos.