The Golden Compass held on to its number one international status and hauled itself to within touching distance of $100m in its second weekend.

The fantasy adventure grossed an estimated $29m through New Line International (NLI) to raise the overseas tally to $90m. The Golden Compass has grossed $131m worldwide to date.

The film stayed number one in the UK on $6.3m and has taken $25.2m. A $3.3m haul in Germany was enough to keep the film on top there on $9.2m, as was $3m in Spain where the film has amassed $11.4m. It also stayed top in France after $2.7 raised the tally to $9.8m.

The Golden Compass opened in Italy and Mexico on $2.3m apiece and added $2m in Russia for $6m. The next major territory to open in Australia on December 26.

DreamWorks' Bee Movie and Warner Bros Pictures International's (WBPI) sci-fi horror film I Am Legend tied in second place on approximately $20m apiece.

Bee Movie took $20m through PPI from 4,112 venues in 44 territories and now stands at $58m.

The film opened in 22 territories, including the UK where $4.4m from 436 screens including previews secured second place behind Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International's (WDSMPI) Enchanted.

It opened in France on $3m from 646 and took $2m in Germany from 677, $1m in Belgium from 102 and $596,000 in The Netherlands from $85. Elsewhere Bee Movie grossed $404,000 in Portugal from 63, $328,000 in Austria from 102, $220,000 in South Africa from 95 and $137,000 in Greece from 66.

The Heartbreak Kid raised the international running total by $3m from 1,577 sites in 53 territories for $84m.

I Am Legend launched in eight Asian markets day-and-date with its record breaking North American launch, drawing approximately 3.2million admissions from more than 1,300 prints.

The film opened at number one in seven out of its eight markets and clearly benefitted from an extensive regional promotional tour by Will Smith. Japan led the way on $6.4m (715m yen) from 426 prints that included previews and was easily the highest grossing film in the market. South Korea generated an outstanding $6.3m (5.8bn KRW) from 267 prints that also included previews, while Taiwan produced $2.4m (77.9m TWD) from 125.

I Am Legend took $1.5m (44m Baht) in Thailand from 134, $1m (40m INR) in India from 234 for WBPI's fourth biggest launch there, and opened in Hong Kong on $975,000 (7.6m HKD) from 53 to rank second behind local title Warlords.

Two more number one release rounded out a highly successful weekend as the film grossed $608,000 (2m MYR) in Malaysia from 66 and an outstanding $500,000 (4.5bn IDR) in Indonesia from 48 prints.

Beowulf crossed $100m following a $4.5m weekend haul from more than 3,200 prints in 58 markets.

After three weekends the film stands at $5.5m in Japan, $5.1m in Italy, $4.8m in Australia and $2.9m in Brazil. After four it has taken $8.3m in Russia, $6.5m in Spain, $5.1m in Mexico and $3.8m in France, and after five Beowulf stands at $14.2m in the UK, $6.9m in South Korea, $5.4m in Germany and $2.9m in Brazil.

Fred Claus grossed $3m from more than 1,600 prints in 26 markets for $18m. The comedy added $1.5m (£710,000) from 428 sites in its third weekend in the UK for $10.1m (£4.9m) and $354,000 (Ps 3.8m) from 302 screens in its second in Mexico for $1.4m (Ps 15.6m).

Enchanted continued to cast a spell over overseas audiences with a $16m haul from 3,450 screens in 28 countries through WDSMPI that raised the cumulative total to $54.9m.

Weekend business was led by a second place $5.2m UK debut from 457 screens that finished behind New Line International's reigning champion The Golden Compass.

The fantasy family film opened at the top in Mexico and Brazil on $3.3m from 456 and $1.7m from 155 respectively. In its second weekend in Italy it added $1.5m from 446 for $5.7m and took $2.3m in the third weekend in France from 666 to rank second on $12.5m.

Enchanted ranked marginally ahead of WDSMPI's pick-up The Fox And The Child, which launched in third place on $2.29m. It comes from the March Of The Penguins team of Luc Jaquet and his producing partners at Bonne Pioche.

Enchanted opens next weekend in 12 countries including Germany and Austria. WDSMPI has a big weekend in store and will also launch National Treasure 2 day-and-date with North America in 17 countries including Australia, Spain, South Korea, Japan and Taiwan.

Ratatouille is posed to overtake Spider-Man 2's $410m mark to become the 27th biggest international release in history after raising its overseas tally to $409.5m.

Fox International unleashed the animated film Alvin And The Chipmunks on 298 screens in 10 territories day-and-date with its mighty North American release.

The film took $2m, led by excellent number one results in Singapore on $622,000 from 31 and $401,000 from 54. It opened in Turkey on $274,000 from 64 for an unspecified ranking

Hitman added $7.4m from 1,800 screens in 51 territories for $35m. Among the highlights were a third place $1.8m launch in Germany from 400 screens and an extraordinary result in the UAE that delivered $328,000 from 20 for an unconfirmed first place.

The action film generated $287,000 from 102 in Brazil for a fourth place debut, $220,000 from 37 in Austria and $191,000 from 48 in South Africa.

Holdover business saw Hitman add $705,000 from 172 in Australia for $2.4m and $369,000 from 204 in Italy for $1.9m, both in second weekends. In the third weekend it took $514,000 in the UK for $6.1m and $367,000 in Spain for $3.1m.

The Simpsons Movie stands at $342.4m following a $69,000 launch in Japan on 66 screens.

Universal's crime drama American Gangster crossed $50m after UPI plundered a further $3.5m from 1,764 sites in 21 territories to raise the early running total to $52.5m. There are 34 territories to go including South Korea on December 27.

The film opened in Russia on $725,000 from 156 and ranked number one in the Ukraine where it took a sturdy $270,000 from 48. After five weekends it ranks eighth in the UK on $18.6m, 13th in France on $9.8m and fifth in Germany on $9.2m, 13th in France on $9.8m.

Elizabeth: The Golden Age added $1.3m from 630 sites in 26 territories for $36m and opened in five this weekend. France generated approximately $300,000 after launching in seventh place through Studio Canal. UPI launched the historical drama in Belgium on $ 280,000 from 35.

Australia stands at $4.1m in 10th place after fifth weekends. The film has 26 territories to go over the next three months and launches next weekend in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The crime drama We Own The Night, which UPI acquired in a handful of territories, opened in the UK in fifth place on $910,000 (£450,000) from 265 venues.

Lust, Caution, which again UPI handles in several territories, opened in Spain in seventh place on $480,000 from 126.

The Bourne Ultimatum remains active in 16 territories and has amassed $213.5m. Atonement added $200,000 from 220 sites in eight for $32m and has 35 territories to go early including Australia on December 26 and Hong Kong on December 27. The film, which won seven Golden Globe nominations last week, has amassed $22m (£11.3m) over 15 weeks in the UK.

Surf's Up added $1.1m from 1,060 screens in 24 markets through Sony Pictures Releasing International and stands at $86.3m. The animated title opened in Japan in second place on $650,000 from 291 screens.

Mandate International's Saw IV added approximately $1.1m from 26 territories to stand at $53.5m.