Icelandic director Dagur Kári (Noi the Albino) won the Nordic Prize atthe Gothenburg Film Festival for his new film Dark Horse, a black and white slacker comedy shot in Denmark whichKári describes as a 1960s pastiche. The cast features a number of new Danishfaces such as Jakob Cedergren and Tilly Scott Pedersen. Dagur Kári is aprevious winner of the Nordic Prize for his directorial debut, Noi the Albino in 2003. Eight filmsparticipated in the Nordic Competition, the winner received $20,000.

Other awards at the Gothenburg festivalincluded the $6,500 Church of Sweden Film Award, which went to Danish directorNiels Arden Oplev's We Shall Overcome, produced by Zentropa. Described by the juryas a "multidimensional story about a child navigating between oppression,deceit and justice", the film's next stop on the festival route is the BerlinKinderfilmfest 9-19 February.

Denmark's Trust Film Sales had a good year inGothenburg, handling world sales of both DarkHorse and We Shall Overcome.

The Fipresci Award in its fourth year is givento a Nordic film in competition, Baltasar Kormakur's A Little Trip to Heaven, starring Forest Whitaker, Julia Stiles andPeter Coyote was this year's recipient.