Hot Argentinean actor RicardoDarin is to star in Spanish director Jose Luis Cuerda's The Education Of AFairy for producer Tornasol Films.

Darin, who has achievedinternational recognition in films such as Nine Queens, Son Of TheBride, Kamchatka and Avelleneda's Moon, will play a man whose lifeis turned upside down when the woman he loves abandons him.

Cuerda wrote the script basedon the novel by Didier Van Cauwelaert. Cuerda is best known as the director of1999's Butterfly (La Lengua De Las Mariposas), released by Miramax in theUS and sold internationally by Good Machine International.

Fairy (La Educacion De UnHada), which participated in the Berlin Co-Production Market, will shoot inBarcelona in early autumn. The Euros 4.5m project is a co-production withBarcelona-based Messidor Films, Sarah Halioua's Madrid-based MDA, France's MimaFleurent, Argentina's Polka Films and Portugal's Madragoa Filmes.

Tornasol is also co-producingDarin vehicle The Aura (El Aura), Fabian Bielinsky'smuch-anticipated follow-up to Nine Queens (Nueve Reinas) with Argentina'sPatagonik Film Group and France's Davis Films. Celluloid Dreams hasinternational sales. Bielinsky and Darin will travel to Cannes to promote thefilm before its fall release.