Leading Spanish distributor DeaPlaneta has closed Spanish rights to Robert Luketic’s Killers, starring Katherine Heigl and Ashton Kutcher, and How To Make Love To An Englishman, starring Pierce Brosnan.

DeaPlaneta’s head of acquisitions Yolanda Del Val had a busy AFM picking up three titles from Inferno: Gary McKendry’s $40m action thriller The Killer Elite, starring Jason Statham as a former Navy Seal forced out of retirement to save his friend from assassins; Chuck Russell’s $70m 3D film Arabian Nights, a remake of the classic adventure story; and How To Make Love To An Englishman, set to star Pierce Brosnan as a professor and one time playboy, who tries to win back the love of his trophy wife after she leaves him for another man.

DeaPlaneta also picked up Robert Luketic’s action comedy Killers (aka Five Killers) from Mandate International. The film is a Lionsgate production and will star Ashton Kutcher as a former hitman whose life is ruined when a previous acquaintance hires some killers to track him down.